More than Motion Capture.

It's Motion Intelligence -
Body and Mind.

Delivering powerful insights into human activity.

3motionAI binds the power of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to enable organizations to capture, assess and make recommendations based on performance insights.


Record a video of any human activity using any device, like your phone.


Your video, or cognitive assessment, is then processed through the 3motionAI engine. We analyze your capture for risks and performance limitations compared to population norms.


Based on our analysis, we’ll provide a report with actionable insights including recommendations on opportunities for improvement.

Fully customize the 3motionAI output by adding your own recommendations, drills, safety measures, and more.

Spotlight injury risk and enhance human performance with 
AI-driven human dynamics.

Seamless integration 
and customized analytics.

3motionAI is customizable, providing unique performance insights without requiring complex engineering. Easily integrate analyzed data into your product or service offering using APIs and a widget-based interface.

Comprehensive performance data and insights.

An unrivaled activity-specific performance analysis informs a wide range of easy-to-interpret data outputs. Datasets include 3D video overlay, annotated media with risk indicators, comprehensive analysis & data summary customized to your application.

Accelerated time to market.

Pre-configured Human Profiles and APIs allow quick integration into your existing products and solutions, removing lengthy development and costly engineering costs. 

Built on science.

3motionAI combines its API platform with 15 years of science and research data, bridging the connection between body and mind, thereby creating better outcomes.