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3MotionAI Partners with MyAbilities ANZ to Offer Virtual Platform for Injury Prevention in Australia and New Zealand

TORONTO, Ont. — 3MotionAI is pleased to announce an exclusive new partnership with Australia’s MyAbilities ANZ, an effort to expand its MyAbilities technology for safe workplaces and keeping more workers protected while on the job.  

MyAbilities ANZ will be the exclusive distributor of 3MotionAI’s MyAbilities platform for workplace health, safety and data analytics platform in Australia and New Zealand. The AI-driven tool assists employers, insurance companies, third-party administrators, health-care providers and injured workers to prevent workplace injuries and expedite return-to-work (RTW) post illness or injury, thereby reducing claims costs while promoting a productive and safe work environment. 

“Our partnership with MyAbilities ANZ will ensure more workplaces have the tools in place to help their employees stay safe,” says Reed Hanoun, Chief Executive Officer at 3MotionAI. “With this platform, employers can do proper workplace ergonomic analysis — lifting requirements, tools used, body position to complete the tasks of the job — to help determine the right people for the job, the injury risks and how to effectively and safely return an injured worker to the job. We are changing the world of human asset management with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology solutions for a safer, healthier and more efficient work environment.” 

Everyone – employees, employers, health practitioners and insurance companies – benefits from having access to centralized data and tools to promote a safer workplace, facilitate injury prevention, injury management and return to work solutions found in the MyAbilities platform. “MyAbilities ANZ is pleased to announce our partnership with 3MotionAI as we seek to bring their world class human capital intelligence technology to the Australian and New Zealand region,” says Rene Becker, Managing Director of MyAbilities ANZ. “Our firms’ leaders have spent the last 18 months assessing various solutions across North America, Europe and Australasia and found their suite of solutions to be truly market leading with respect to their products, accessibility, design and application to the identification, triage and prevention of occupational health risks within the workplace.”  

MyAbilities ANZ is a trusted expert in workplace injury and prevention and management, providing high-quality, customized services with sustainable outcomes.  

“As organizations across Australia and New Zealand seek to triage and assess risks in newfound ways, the MyAbilities suite of solutions will empower businesses and its employees to adopt best practice approaches to remediate occupational health risks through defined software interventions such as the academically sighted Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) Technology,” says Mr. Becker. “Furthermore, companies will be able to leverage AI Technology through the JobX solution which is able to transform and automate a comprehensive dictionary of Job Task Analyses of their workplace roles in a cost-efficient digitalized format.” 

The analytics can help employers align the right workers to the right jobs, leverage data to keep workers safe and expedite their return to work post-injury. 

“The MyAbilities platform delivers standardized data and real-time inputs to help our customers make better-informed decisions,” says Mr. Hanoun. “We’re delighted to partner with MyAbilities ANZ, and look forward to accelerating the transformation of our industry.” 

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About MyAbilities Technologies Inc. 

3MotionAI offers MyAbilities as an employee health management technology that delivers transformative employment-related injury prevention and return-to-work solutions through a robust, proprietary, cloud-based data analytics SaaS platform, powered by artificial intelligence.