About Us

Our story.

We started helping employers prevent injuries in the workplace and return injured workers back to work in 2000. Since then, we have developed and launched Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet fringilla purus ultricies pretium augue duis et feugiat nullam. Ultrices malesuada habitasse urna semper risus turpis integer nullam gravida.

Our vision.

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Leadership Team

Reed Hanoun

Founder & CEO

Dr. Colin McKinnon, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Jacob Lazrovic, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Abhishek Joshi

VP of Engineering

Matt Collins

VP Partner Success

Dr. Elora Brenneman-Wilson, PhD

Director of Health Technologies

Zach Day

Senior Account Executive

Craig Johnson

Senior Account Executive

Heather Moore

Design Director

Board and Advisors

Paul Stoyan

Chairman of the Board

Jim Nikopoulos

Vice Chairman of the Board

David Willis

Advisory Board

Ken Cook

Advisory Board

Lauren E. Sergio, PhD

Advisory Board

Gretchen O’Hara

Advisory Board

Andrew Johnston

Advisory Board

Akim Aliu

Advisory Board

Neil Mitchell

Advisory Board

Don Fox

Advisory Board

Josh Howsam

Advisory Board