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Award winning health service provider in Saskatchewan, Bridges Health, partners with MyAbilities, to give employers a robust solution to modernize Injury Prevention and Return to Work for Employers.

TORONTO/ONTARIO (May 24, 2018) – Providing optimal safety and prevention service solutions is a constantly evolving practice. To be able to streamline and optimize the assessment of employees physical demands, employers needed modernized options for the collection, management and updating abilities of workers’ physical demands analysis. The ability to gather and customize job requirements in a digital format was nonexistent – until now.

MyAbilities is excited to partner with Bridges Health, a well recognized leader in western Canada for providing employer health care solutions. “MyAbilities has developed a platform for capturing job requirements and analysis into a digital format that is clearly needed by employers,” said Garry Derenoski, CIP, RRP / President, CEO Bridges Health, “being able to have up to date customized job profiles that relates to injury management claims and return to work solutions has been missing from our industry for a long time. By offering the MyAbilities platform to our clients, we are expanding our commitment to providing our clients with the optimal solutions in managing a healthier and safer workplace.”

“MyAbilities is looking forward to the partnership with Bridges Health, who has exceptional experience in delivering injury prevention and return to work solutions to employers,” says Reed Hanoun, founder and CEO of MyAbilities. “Their commitment to providing their clients with the healthcare solutions that will be more efficient in managing employee injury and insurance claims is why we are proud of this partnership.” Hanoun also adds, “as we continue to grow our network of partners, establishing a strong relationship with someone with extensive knowledge in western Canada is essential to getting our products to employers looking to modernize their claims management, job profiling and physical job demands analysis process.”

About MyAbilities

MyAbilities is a health and safety technology company that has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics into a fully integrated suite of software platform designed to transform human asset management to prevent injuries and help facilitate return to work post injury. Designed to support employers, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and healthcare providers, their industry-leading SaaS platform has software applications that cover the spectrum of human physical, cognitive and psychosocial performance demands, capabilities and deficits. Founded by a team of industry leaders who have already brought paradigm-changing technology to the fields of health, wellness and functional measurement and restoration, the company is based in Toronto Ontario.

About Bridges Health

Bridges Health has been recognized with many accomplishments over the years, the only company to have achieved business of the year twice, only two years apart. Bridges Health has many proprietary programs delivering health services to the employees for any employer size. Employers achieve a significant reduction in absenteeism and presentism by implementing the service suites offered by Bridges Health. Bridges also
partners with businesses and organizations on development of initiatives and offering programs and services to increase and maintain health and wellness for the individual employees and the entire team. With over 22 years of experience in delivering a holistic approach to wellness to the private, public, government, and non-for-profit corporations. We help connect individuals to their workplaces, whether through assisting employees with their health care needs while they remain at work, or by returning individuals to a workplace that is ready to bring them back. Bridges also partners with organizations to provide health and wellness strategies, programs and services for employee’s support, psychological health and safety, healthcare navigation, occupational therapy, return-to-work coordination, case management, and vocational assessments. Working together, we improve individual employee’s wellness which will provide organizations with engaged, positive and productive working culture.

Media Contact:
Dr. Michael Sonne / VP Innovations and Research (905) 778-1033 Ext. 1002
Reed Hanoun / President (905) 778-1033 Ext. 1003
Garry Derenoski, CIP, RRP / President, CEO Bridges Health, 1-306-668-9261