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Leading North American Ergonomics Consultants, Options Incorporated, partners with MyAbilities, to enhance value-added services to clients.

TORONTO/ONTARIO (May 3, 2018) – Ergonomic assessment and management is validated with extensive scientific research to make recommendations faster, easier and more cost-effective. Workplace ergonomics is crucial for companies in preventing injuries and increasing productivity, which means proper and professional assessments are needed to ensure all employees are protected.

MyAbilities is proud to announce our partnership with Options Incorporated as a founding premier partner in providing the MyAbilities software platform to their clients to enhance their services. “The technology MyAbilities has developed will streamline and automate data collection, data entry and job analysis. Their technology facilitates improved accuracy and enhance data accessibility,” said Kirsti MacAulay, Principal Ergonomist of Options Incorporated. “This means that Options Incorporated Ergonomists are able to review, analyze, or assess the data more efficiently and minimize non-value added tasks. This provides our clients with a higher return on investment through Options Incorporated Ergonomists applying our expertise, sharing our insight, and assembling solutions”.

“MyAbilities is a very exciting tool for ergonomists– both from performing their technical duties, as well as building their businesses,” Dr. Michael Sonne, VP of Innovations and Research stated. “As a company, MyAbilities’ development has focused on providing ergonomists an easy to use, yet powerful platform for conducting and managing job demands data, and using standardized online dashboards summarizing the demands of jobs at work. The physical demands description is such a rich and powerful source of job data, and it has long been isolated in its use – focusing just on return to work. MyAbilities gives employers and ergonomists the technology to use their PDDs for the complete employee lifecycle from post hire to return to work,” Sonne adds.

“MyAbilities partnership with Options Incorporated is the first of many partnerships we hope to build with ergonomics consultants and health and safety professionals to help evolve our industry,” says Reed Hanoun, founder and CEO of MyAbilities. “By partnering with MyAbilities, Options Incorporated has demonstrated their desire to maintain their leadership role in the market and we are committed to supporting them and their clients through our innovations.”

About MyAbilities

MyAbilities is a health and safety technology company that has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics into a fully integrated suite of software platform designed to transform human asset management to prevent injuries and help facilitate return to work post injury. Designed to support employers, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and healthcare providers, their industry-leading SaaS platform has software applications that cover the spectrum of human physical, cognitive and psychosocial performance demands, capabilities and deficits. Founded by a team of industry leaders who have already brought paradigm-changing technology to the fields of health, wellness and functional measurement and restoration, the company is based in Toronto Ontario.

About Options Incorporated

Options Incorporated is a consulting company that provides comprehensive services in the areas of Ergonomics and Human Factors. Our consulting teams support clients throughout North America from our main office located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. We work with clients of all sizes to assemble solutions that improve the work environment with the goal to prevent injuries and increase productivity. Embracing new tools and technologies enables us to provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions. We are excited to be partnering with MyAbilities and enhancing ergonomic solutions through digital advancements. Options Incorporated is eager to discuss how we can assemble a solution for your ergonomic challenges.

Media Contact:
Dr. Michael Sonne / VP Innovations and Research (905) 778-1033 Ext. 1002
Reed Hanoun / President (905) 778-1033 Ext. 1003
Kirsti MacAulay / Principal Ergonomist, Options Incorporated, 1-800-813-4202 / (519) 763-3956