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MyAbilities Brings Transformative Functional Evaluation and Injury Management Technologies to Employers, Insurers and Workers’ Compensation.

MyAbilities introduces new powerful software platform for conducting physical demands analysis, performing ergonomics assessments for the delivery of effective prevention and return to work solutions—reducing the incidence and severity of workplace injuries.

 TORONTO/ONTARIO (April 15, 2018) – Utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence, ergonomics research and the largest database of job information in the industry, MyAbilities is providing employers with a platform to create, manage, maintain and communicate their unique job profiles, while also providing employees with the ability to self-assess their individual work environment to identify and minimize the risk of job injury — resulting in reduced occupational injuries, expedited return to work and ergonomically sound workplaces and lower claim costs.

MyAbilities’ fully integrated platform features a unique database with over 32,000 job descriptions containing precise job-demand data and analytics. Embedded videos show a task being performed and call out the job demands placed on a person’s body.

“MyAbilities is a game changer for the industry,” says Reed Hanoun, founder and CEO of MyAbilities. “This is the first standardized system for collecting, aggregating and interpreting human performance data as it relates to the demands of work, incorporating the latest in technology.” Additional modules include automated ergonomic assessment of office workstations ROSA) and claims management software that facilitates causation analysis and flags psychosocial issues. All modules easily integrate with any claims management or healthcare information system, and the platform enables all stakeholders to seamlessly share data and make sound decisions on the basis of objective and timely information. “Access to accurate data on the physical requirements of the workplace leads to best hiring and training practices as well as informed and defensible clinical and return-to-work decisions,” added Mr. Hanoun. “Our solutions keep employees productive and safe – and in the game.”

About MyAbilities

MyAbilities is a health and safety technology company that has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics into a fully integrated suite of services designed to transform human asset management. Designed to be used by employers, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and healthcare providers, their industry-leading SaaS platform has software applications that cover the spectrum of human physical, cognitive and psychosocial performance demands, capabilities and deficits.

Founded by a team of industry leaders who have already brought paradigm-changing technology to the fields of health, wellness and functional measurement and restoration, the company is based in Burlington, Ontario and can be reached at 1-888-312-5009  /

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