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MyAbilities Helping Companies Stay Ahead of the Curve

New Burlington health and safety technology company introduces artificial intelligence in the workplace

Nov 22, 2018, Burlington Post

MyAbilities is a health and safety technology company that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics. – MyAbilities photo

When it comes to analysis of ergonomic trends and assessing physical demands, MyAbilities is helping companies stay current and competitive.

The new Burlington-based business has developed an integrated ergonomic innovation that positions artificial intelligence as a digital assistant.

“We wanted to create an advanced solution that strives for objectivity and accuracy,” said founder and CEO Reed Hanoun. “Utilizing artificial intelligence to track physical job demands, our technology allows employers to reduce occupational risk and streamline services in real time.”

MyAbilities software allows employers to film jobs on their mobile phones, and tag physical demands as they appear onscreen. PDAi (physical demand artificial intelligence) further analyzes the role being performed and overlays detailed ergonomic data into the video footage.

Completed PDAi videos can then be connected to digital job-requirement profiles and submitted to claims managers and medical professionals for review.

“Employers can now watch jobs being performed and view relevant data in an accessible format,” Hanou said.

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