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MyAbilities launches, the world’s first online Digital Job Analysis search engine, with more than 50,000 job titles

MyAbilities launches, the world’s first online Digital Job Analysis search engine, with more than 50,000 job titles 

Mississauga, Ont., January 15, 2020 – MyAbilities Technologies, a global innovator in smart health technology and workplace safety, has released the world’s first online Digital Job Analysis database, New in January, the free database provides users access to more than 50,000 job titles, each with unique industry Digital Job Profiles including comprehensive analysis of the psychosocial, cognitive and physical demands in addition to a comprehensive job description. 

“Organizations can quickly search through a simple and free database to conduct a thorough review of the demands of thousands of jobs across all industries,” says Dr. Michael Sonne, vice president, innovations and research at MyAbilities Technologies. “We believe is the first of its kind to offer easy access to a standardized analysis of thousands of jobs, and to present the information in a clear, shareable way.”

Users type in their keyword or job titles and the search engine pulls the job profiles offering the best match with a focus on dynamic visual information, making it easy to understand the job demands regardless of one’s technical knowledge.  

“Reviews of Digital Job Profiles have been outstanding since we first launched it,” says Sonne. “Now, with greater detail, more visuals, continued expansion and a new free version, we’re confident it will help organizations optimize their hiring and workforce management and automate their job demands analyses for the benefit of employees and their businesses.” was developed by MyAbilities, a company committed to preventing and resolving workplace injuries. The company was founded by Reed Hanoun, an accomplished entrepreneur who has developed and created innovative technologies primarily in the health care industry. 

“Thanks to the marriage of technology and the specialized knowledge of our staff, we’re now able to truly help companies understand the demands of their jobs,” says Hanoun. “We are confident will help them spend less time on data collection and, instead, spend more time on ergonomic interventions to reduce injury risk and empower their claims teams to expedite the return to work of injured workers.” 

Together with a team of experts in employee health management technology, Hanoun and Sonne have set out to transform into the industry search engine for digital job analysis. 

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MyAbilities is an employee health management technology company that delivers transformative employment-related injury prevention and return-to-work solutions through a robust, proprietary, cloud-based data analytics SaaS platform, powered by artificial intelligence.

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