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MyAbilities Partners with WorkSTEPS to Offer Virtual Platform for Injury Prevention in Texas

TORONTO, Ont. — MyAbilities parent company 3MotionAI is pleased and excited to announce their new partnership with Texas-based WorkSTEPS in a combined effort to further enhance their strong reputations in work injury prevention and solutions management.  

MyAbilities is an employee health management platform that delivers transformative employment-related injury prevention and return-to-work (RTW) solutions through a robust, proprietary, cloud-based data analytics, software as a subscription (SaaS) services, all powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

WorkSTEPS is the largest provider of functional testing in the United States offering post offer, fit for duty, and functional capacity exams in all 50 states. Their comprehensive occupational medicine team schedules and supervises all required onboarding tests, supplies and performs COVID services globally, and truly helps corporations improve their health and safety while containing costs. WorkSTEPS helps employers hire smarter, helps employees stay safe, and significantly reduces injury rates and costs per claim each year. 

WorkSTEPS will be a distributor of the MyAbilities suite of software solutions for their workplace health, safety and data analytics platform. The AI-driven tools assist employers, insurance companies, third-party administrators, health care providers and workers to see real time information about each specific job, where the risks are, and how to mitigate those risks physically and through education to prevent injuries and promote sooner RTW if an injury occurs.   

“Our partnership with WorkSTEPS will ensure more workplaces have all the tools in place to help their employees stay safe”, says Reed Hanoun, CEO at 3MotionAI. “With this platform, employers can do a proper ergonomic analysis of their jobs—to help match the tasks safely to the right workers and eliminate risk as workers age or experience problems performing parts of their job. We are changing the world of human asset management with advanced AI technology solutions for a safer, healthier and more efficient work environment.”   

Everyone—employees, employers, health care providers and insurance companies—benefit from having access to centralized data and tools to promote a safer workplace, create accountability and effectively manage RTW solutions. 

“MyAbilities systems allow us to use AI to analyze jobsself assess workstation design at home or in the office and manage claims with all parties involved in a single portal encrypted for each individual company, making management much easier for all of us” states Larry Feeler, CEO and Founder of WorkSTEPS. “We are so excited to add full-body analytics to our systems with MyAbilities powerful and technological expertise.” 

“The MyAbilities platform delivers standardized data and real-time inputs to help customers make better-informed decisions,” says Mr. Hanoun. “We’re delighted to partner with WorkSTEPS, as we both look forward to accelerating the transformation of our industry through this partnership.” 

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