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ODG by MCG Announces Release of the ODG Job Profiler Powered by MyAbilities Into Its Industry-Leading Medical Treatment & Return-to-Work Guidelines

AUSTIN, TexasNov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ODG, an MCG Health company(USA) has announced a partnership with MyAbilitiesTechnologies to incorporate a unique new product option, the ODG Job Profiler, into its industry-leading medical treatment and return-to-work (RTW) guidelines.

The ODG Job Profiler is an innovative software platform powered by MyAbilities™ which will be made available as an add-on to the ODG by MCG User Interface. The ODG Job Profiler adds job demand data across every industry and occupation by providing a comprehensive database of physical, cognitive, and environmental demands specific to over 30,000 jobs spanning nearly every industry. This solution helps insurers, third-party administrators (TPAs), and employers identify and mitigate the risk of injury by creating a customized Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) for each job function, adjusting disability duration guidelines according to job demands.

Case managers, claims adjusters, site managers, and clinicians will be able to collaborate around job-specific lost-time goals and activity modifications, with the shared goal of expediting return-to-work while implementing proper measures to prevent workplace injuries.

“The ODG Job Profiler offers a valuable complement to our treatment, return-to-work, reserving, and risk-analytics tools, supporting a comprehensive, evidence-based solution set. Innovative and technology-enabled, it enhances efficient collaboration and communication between payer, employer, and provider around what matters most: function. The art and science of return-to-work have never been better,” said Phil LeFevre, Managing Director of ODG.

“We are convinced that all stakeholders will experience better injury prevention and management by using the ODG Job Profiler which is empowered by the congruence of advanced ergonomics, artificial intelligence, digital job-matching, and risk assessment technology. The ODG Job Profiler revolutionizes claim and human asset management by creating a new industry-standard paradigm,” said Reed Hanoun, CEO of MyAbilities.

About MyAbilities

MyAbilities is a technology company delivering workplace risk mitigation and injury management strategies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robust data analytics.

MyAbilities develops software solutions to help employers assess their jobs, identify risk and prevent injuries using proprietary AI, computer vision, analytics, ergonomic risk analysis, and injury prevention strategies. Post-injury, MyAbilities support claim administrators with an evidence-based claim and medical management software for the resolution of injuries and illnesses in workers’ compensation, and disability programs to reduce costs of claims and expedites return-to-work. More information is available at

About ODG

ODG, an MCG Health company, ( provides unbiased, evidence-based guidelines that unite payers, providers, and employers in the effort to confidently and effectively return employees to health. The clinical guidelines and analytical tools within ODG are designed to improve and benchmark return-to-work performance, facilitate quality care while limiting inappropriate utilization, assess claim risk for interventional triage, and set reserves based on industry data.

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