The only platform of its kind to extend beyond motion capture.

Delivering the power of AI based analysis with simplified integration and low-cost implementation. The 3motionAI proprietary platform enables analysis across the human spectrum by evaluating Activity Specific movement and Brain Performance inputs. Pre-developed lab-grade human profile technology allows for low-cost deployment through its easy-to-deploy APIs.

Remove the need for lengthy research, clinical resources, and costly engineering.


Upload from any video source or 3D file, including recording devices, mobile phones, or 3rd party video sources (i.e., security cameras, etc.). No 3rd party hardware, wearable sensors, motions capture suites, or specific recording equipment is required—just your phone, anyplace, anytime.


Integrate pre-defined or customized analytics into your applications and products to deliver robust mental & physical health insights. Boost product engagement, adoption, and retention with the AI-driven human dynamics platform, driving your business success.


Translate your existing or new videos into 3D human movement intelligence, tracking 210 biomechanical data points in real-time. Access to advanced Activity Specific analysis modules covering the most common sports, workplace tasks, and functional activities supports everyday occupational & activities of daily living.


3motionAI’s unrivaled human performance data set informs a wide range of data outputs, translating complex information into actionable insights. Outputs include 3D video overlay, annotated media with risk indicators, comprehensive graph analysis & data plots, data summary reports, and guided risk intervention recommendations.