Access a human analysis library for performance insights across industries and use cases.

Easily interact with platform solutions through everyday devices. Access data quickly, in user-friendly formats, and apply insights and recommendations immediately through our pre-built library or customized solutions.

Workplace Safety & Risk

  • A video stream from a mobile device capturing the employee’s work cycle(s) is uploaded to the 3MotionAI server via a user dashboard or direct API integration.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) equips employers with actionable insights into injury risk prediction based on the physical demands of a job.

Range of Motion & Functional Movement

  • The motion solution outlines a collection of pre-configured functional movement protocols aimed at quantifying movement competency.
  • The analysis is activated in three main categories: range of motion, sports performance, and available capacity.

Brain & Cognitive Dynamics

  • In under 10 minutes, the user is guided through four test conditions that challenge cognitive-motor integration.
  • The solution detects cognitive-motor impairments in those with a history of mild traumatic brain injury, mild cognitive impairment, those at risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, or those with brain injury from repeated military low-level blast exposure.

Sports & Fitness Performance

  • Baseball delivery, Baseball/Softball swing, Golf swing, Cricket bowling.
  • From a mobile device, users can leverage biomechanics to assess and optimize performance without needing costly consultation or laboratory evaluation.
  • Solutions provide near research-grade accuracy, equipping athletes and coaches with key biomechanical performance metrics at their fingertips.
  • The CV engine tracks human motion throughout the uploaded video, and our proprietary AI technology builds a 3D full-body biomechanical dataset for analysis.
  • Complex movements are broken into critical checkpoints, and actionable insights are provided at each key event.

Workplace Ergonomics

  • A self-administered video-guided assessment of a traditional office workstation eliminates the need for an ergonomist or health and safety supervisor to be present.
  • The assessment targets ten workstation components, including the chair, worksurface, keyboard, monitors, and other peripheral interactions.

Industries we serve:


Active & Healthy Aging

  • Active aging
  • Mental agility¬†


Healthcare Delivery

  • Physical Therapy tracking (MSK)
  • Pre-and-post rehab assessment
  • Cognitive abilities baseline & assessment
  • Range of motion assessment (MSD


Fitness & Wellness

  • Fitness & flexibility testing


Sports Performance

  • Sports safety
  • Cognitive abilities baseline & assessment
  • Return-to-play assessment
  • Gaming performance
  • Sports performance



  • Risk mitigation and fraud
  • Employee safety & training
  • Workplace safety & injury assessment
  • Cognitive abilities & baseline assessment
  • Return to work assessment
  • Office/home workstation ergonomics assessment
  • Risk profile management