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Work Habits Impact Bodies


Many do not realize the impact work habits have on their physical bodies with incorrectly placed or improperly sized equipment causing injuries which can result in time off work, depending on insurance and benefits, and could mean lost wages, says Reed Hanoun, founder and CEO of MyAbilities. It works with employers, service providers, and insurers to keep people safe and healthy in their workplace environment. Its technology uses ergonomic research to conduct self-assessments and provide self-guided training to make sustainable office ergonomic changes. However, injuries can be prevented. Office chairs are adjustable for a reason. The best chairs allow for frequent adjustments, changing posture throughout the day. This promotes healthy blood flow and reduces the effects of muscle fatigue. Those who work primarily on a laptop, tablet, or a cell phone should realize these devices were not developed with a 40-hour work week in mind. Employees should consider getting a full-sized keyboard, a monitor, and mouse to plug in. Finally, employees should rest to destress. When people get stressed, muscles become tense, and back pain and other musculoskeletal discomfort can result. Microbreaks should be taken throughout the day to work on deep breathing and to stretch.

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